Finally, a podcast app
that skips ads!

Adblock Podcast detects & skips ads on all iTunes podcasts.
Sign up to try the alpha release this spring:

How it works

  • Listen to any podcast on iTunes ad-free
  • Pricing TBD

The web app can be used in the browser, but on an Android or iPhone, you're better off adding it to your homescreen.

About this project

Adblock Podcast has been my side project for the last two years, and I’m really excited to finally get it out into the world!

There are three goals for this project:

  1. Skip ads, especially obtrusive ones that disrupt the flow of the podcast.
  2. Reduce consumption. Ads prompt us to buy stuff we don’t need, increasing our carbon footprint and making us less generous, secure, and content.
  3. Find better way of compensating podcast makers! I love podcasts and admire the people who spend so much time crafting them. I hope that by sharing revenue and collecting tips, this project can provide better financial support to makers than the 2 cents per ad-listen they’d be making otherwise.

Thanks for trying out this webapp, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions!

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